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Car Rental with Rooftop Tent in Rwanda

While planning to visit Rwanda and looking to spend less and after visit Uganda. It is advisable to book roof top tented car that is obviously the best way to explore the whole country. However, it has also been proven that 4×4 Toyota Land Cruiser, both manual and automatic with either diesel or petrol engines are the best concepts for traveling around Rwanda, without depending on schedules, accommodation bookings, appointments or programs.

Whether you are an adventurer or nature lover, we will offer the most comfortable and efficient economical way to discover your safari with Roof top tented cars in Rwanda and Uganda. A cheap car hire with Roof top tents will meet your budget somewhere halfway of your car rental or car hire.  So, if staying in any lodge/hotel or guest house for a long-term car rental is not exactly your kind of thing, then a roof top tent car rental will probably be your best solution.

With roof top tents, there is no need to hang around the high way when experiencing the untouched nature because they come with enough sleeping space for 2 persons, better yet we still offer extra sleeping space options if more people in your group.

Your trip is truly on your time schedule, the package provides a more comfortable and reliable transportation to reach the most stunning pleasant spots in Rwanda and East Africa as well. Rent a car, drive and explore all day knowing that you will later relax in the comfort of your own Roof top tent.

If you love nature and wilderness and you are looking for the perfect campsites to realize your dreams while on your safari in Rwanda. Booking a Car rental with rooftop Camping gear is the best way to get in touch with the African wilderness and thus offering the most enjoyable and outdoor recreational moments in the wilderness. With camping, travelers will have a chance to catch a glimpse at Rwanda’s most spectacular landscapes, valleys, rain forest, and the rolling hills and many more.

Car rental with rooftop camping in Rwanda is a magical and rewarding journey through Rwanda. Famously known as diverse with a good climate and safety that gives any independent traveler a chance camp under the stars outside and enjoy the sights & sounds of nature, the scenery and cool breeze. You get a chance to slumber amidst the wild, waking up to sounds of birds and yes, it’s an exceptional feeling.