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Rwanda Tours to Nyungwe Forest & Musanze Cave in Rwanda

Rwanda Tours to Nyungwe Forest & Musanze Cave in Rwanda

Rwanda is among the tourist destinations in Africa which every one in this world would wish to stay or visit before leaving the earth. We planned best  tours in Rwanda where we wished to tour different places such as the Kigali genocide memorial, Nyungwe National park and here we were interested in walking through the Canopy and even visiting the Musanze Caves. Rwanda  is so amazing for her numerous tourists attraction  sites.

When we arrived at Kigali International Airport, we were welcomed as Heroes by Moses a tour Consultant at Nature Adventure Africa Safaris, We were taken to Five To Five  Hotel where we had a rest from. It was around 3pm, we were taken to Kigali city to explore the Genocide memorial sites.

On reaching there, We were taken through the historical backgrounds of the genocides which occurred in 1994 by the Tusti people where over 25900 people where buried here at Gisozi. Different peace advocatists arrange different masses and ceremonies to pray for the innocent victims of this brutal genocide which left many people as victims. We got even a chance to watch some of the photos of the people who were buried here. We stayed at this memorial ground till late in the evening and from here we were taken to Five to Five Hotel where we had our overnight.

For our second day, in the morning, we traveled to Musanze caves in the town from which they share the name that’s Musanze area which is a 1hour drive from Kigali city. These exhibit a great historical phenomenon for the people leaving around the place due to the years these caves have existed., here we were attached to the experienced tour guides who were well conversant about the history of the place and these took us through the background of the caves and the dos and don’ts while in the caves. These caves were used as shelter for the people during war time. And after this activity we went back to Kigali to rest as well as preparing for the next day journey.

For our fourth day, we traveled to the southwest of Kigali city to Nyungwe National park and we passed via Goma and Butare towns and this was approximately 217km to the park. The major activity that took us to the park was to get a chance also to walk on the Africa’s only canopy within this forest and we were charged $60 USD per person, but other activities that can be performed while there include chimpanzee tracking, hiking, community tourism and and birding as well.

This was a great experience as we were able to see different species of birds with their beautiful voices and so many chimpanzees within the forest since the canopy hangs 60m above the forest, I may conclude that for the person to entertain Nyungwe National Park,touring the park using the canopy would be of a greatest pleasure to every body since this canopy is one of its kind.

After this great and amazing activity, Moses took us back to Kigali to Five to Five hotel where we stayed for preparations. And at night we traveled to Kigali International airport to catch up our flight back to Morocco and on this matter, I and my colleagues we can not under estimate the distinguished services that were provided to us by Nature Adventure Africa Safaris while us adventuring Rwanda with her mighty and amazing historical Archives.


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