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Explore Rwanda: Gorilla, Chimpanzee, and Wildlife Tour

Explore Rwanda: Gorilla, Chimpanzee, and Wildlife Tour

Popularly known as the land of a thousand hills, what can excite you more than a trip to Rwanda? Do you hope for a superb tour to explore all that Rwanda can offer for your holiday? Rwanda is a superb tourist destination, exciting with lots of encounters, amazing cool weather throughout the year, and one of the most hospitable countries to visit.

Located in East Africa both geographically and politically, it sits right in the heart of the Albertine Rift Valley. The natural beauty of Rwanda makes it a unique tourist destination worthy of exploration. A combination of mountain gorilla trekking, chimpanzee trading, and wildlife safaris is the right definition of Rwanda safaris. Rwanda is a beautiful country that exhibits both the central African tropical forests, which roll on volcanic cones widely evident on the south, north, and western, and the eastern savannahs that stretch right from Tanzania.

With a crowd of considerations, Rwanda is known for luxury gorilla trek, offering the most exciting canopy walks as a destination. It’s one of the things that has made Rwanda safaris one of the most thrilling on the continent. The small, beautiful country of Rwanda is located on the edge of the central volcanic tropics. Seated within the Great Western Albertine Rift Valley, which gives her the name “A land of a thousand hills,”

This small nation boasts over four amazing national parks, including Akagera National Park, Volcanoes National Park, Nyungwe Forest National Park, and Giswati – Mukara National Park. These display a vial of amazing encounters topped by gorilla trekking, wildlife game watching, chimpanzee tracking, volcanic climbing, bird watching, canopy walks, wild boat drives, and the genocide memorial museums.

Rwanda is open to all travelers, though due to highly expensive gorilla permits, all travelers can have ample time for experience. There are all sorts of accommodations, transportation, and safari packages to undertake that are accommodating to everyone. When thinking of where to spend your time for the holiday, don’t hesitate to visit and explore Rwanda.

Expounding on these major four safari adventures of Rwanda, which you must include on any of your safaris in Uganda.

Gorilla Tours

Rwanda is the number one gorilla trekking destination, and after spending so much money on purchasing the permit, people again have to follow nature and find the giants at their convenience. Trekking in Rwanda means you have to go into the valleys of the lowlands, where most of the Virunga gorillas decided to dwell. Though called mountain gorillas, these kinds are not like those of Bwindi; they’re located in the lowlands of the park. So, trekkers have to dig deep into the volcanic bamboos and valleys where they are seen. A gorilla trek cycle can last between 3 and 6 hours of walking, searching, encountering, and returning.

Rwanda is a unique country blessed to host some of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas. Trekking is done at Volcanoes National Park Tropical Slopes; the park is home to half of the gorillas living in the Virunga Conservation Areas. There are about 12 habituated gorilla groups to trek, and 100 trekkers go visit gorillas at Volcano National Park.

Volcanoes National Park is Rwanda’s most popular park and one of the most popular in East Africa. The best place to do gorilla trek yearly. The gorillas are well habituated, so trekkers are assured of a close-up encounter with the gorillas. Rolling into the thick forest, walking through the swampy valleys, and searching for bamboos is all about gorilla trekking. Made in groups of 8 trekkers, well briefed, and roll into the forest with the lead of an armed ranger guide. After spending hours hiking and sloping, you meet the gentle giant and have an hour in their presence.

Volcanoes National Park is part of the Virunga Conservation Area in the Albertine Valley, which is geographically famous for the nature of the park and the highland around it. The park is home to almost half of the gorillas in the conservation area, and those gorillas for trekking are fully habituated for the ease of watching the gorillas.

Chimpanzee Tours

Nyungwe Forest National Park is one of the few remaining tropical forests of its kind in the central African region. The forest is significantly rich in African ancient flora and fauna. Currently, this park is collectively famous for addressing chimpanzees and the largest number of primates, about 13 species. When trekking the gorillas, you need to comparatively track the chimpanzees here. The apes are habituated; expect a close-up encounter to enable your trekking. However, chimpanzees here tend to hike higher in the highlands, which makes it difficult to come close to them.

But on a track, it’s a guarantee to watch the chimpanzee alongside other encounters. Chimpanzee tracking at Nyungwe means a long list of other adventures, which include primate walks, hill climbing, canopy walks, etc. This makes Rwanda home to several primates and larger apes that are also well numbered. Chimpanzees, and likewise, gorilla trekking, are undertaken on a rewarding safari to Rwanda. Chimpanzees are residents of Nyungwe Forest National Park and are habituated so that travelers can have a close-up encounter.

Wildlife Tours

Akagera National Park remains the only park in Uganda that doesn’t support tropical life but rather contributes to the Savannah’s share of Rwanda. This park has made it easier to go vintage hunting for several wildlife species with a camera and binoculars, seated comfortably within your pop-up safari cruiser. Wildlife tours are the most common part of the safari package in Rwanda.

Exploring Rwanda brings a combination of many adventures engaged in in Akagera, Rwanda, from the tropics and volcanic landscapes to gently flat and savannahs. It’s the only savannah park in this beautiful Rwanda, and a trip here leads to exploring the Big Five. Abundant wildlife, flora, and fauna call the park home. For adventures like game drives, boat cruises into the wild, bird watching, and several others, Akagera is the best place for you.

Exploring Rwanda on a wildlife safari means a number of things. With this, expect to do game drives, watching a countless number of wildlife species (including mammals, reptiles, aquatic life, and birds, among many others), a boat cruise on Lake Ihema, nature walks through the savannahs, and bird watching through the swamps, among many other considerations.


When exploring Rwanda, someone must consider taking these activities seriously, and this combination of gorilla trekking, chimpanzees, and wildlife makes a real mixture of a perfect Rwanda safari holiday.


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