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Tours in Rwanda: Gorilla Trekking Safari

Tours in Rwanda: Gorilla Trekking Safari

Planning to go to Rwanda? Then arrange it according and your Rwanda gorilla safari journey commences with a visit to the historical Kigali Genocide Memorial. Guided by a local expert, you will step into the heart of Rwanda’s history as the memorial shares stories and preserves the memory of the 1994 genocide. This powerful experience offers profound insights into the nation’s resilience and the steps taken toward healing.

As your emotions settle, you will embark on a picturesque drive towards Volcanoes National Park, where the captivating landscapes of Rwanda will unfold before you. Along this route, you will encounter more than just roadways; there will be stops along the way that let you engage with the local communities. Each stop on this Rwanda Vacation is a portal into the rhythm of rural life, a chance to exchange smiles, and an opportunity to understand the vibrant culture that shapes the country. These cultural interactions will enhance your connection to the land and its people, making the journey more than just a drive but a series of cherished memories.

Embark on a gorilla trekking safari in untamed mountain jungles is an exhilarating adventure in Rwanda on exceptionally planned gorilla trekking tours. The experience is truly unparalleled, as you’ll have the opportunity to witness Africa’s majestic gorillas up close in their natural habitat.

Joining our daily Rwanda gorilla trek excursions in Volcanoes National Park is the only way to see mountain gorillas in Rwanda.

No place is better suited for a jungle adventure mix of superb gorilla trekking and conservation tourism than Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park. And with an insane price tag on trekking permits at $1500, expect royal treatment throughout your whole adventure experience.

Rwanda trekking excursions begins from the capital city “Kigali” at 04:30 am, irrespective of the date or weather and this suitably match with travelers having limited time in the country. Then those on long journeys you will begin at 08AM and visit to some interesting places in the city and expect to spend a night at a forest lodge near the visitor centre and be up before day break.

Imagine, sitting silently under a barely illuminated forest canopy with a few leaves between you and a twenty-strong family of black-furred giant apes. Imagine looking into the familiar deep brown eyes of a 200kg silver back suspicious of your every move. Imagine its quiet grunts and mysterious snuffling’s, and sounds of moist gnawing’s, the chomp of its teeth, and the heaviness of its breath a few feet away from where it can smell your fear.

A gorilla trek in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park is a peerless wildlife experience and one of Africa’s indisputable adventure highlights.

Volcanoes National Park is one of only four forest reserves in the world that protect mountain gorillas and where gorilla trekking adventures occur. The park gives visitors a unique opportunity to trek and spend intimate moments with the critically endangered mountain gorillas on trekking adventures within the untamed jungle.

The best time for gorilla trekking is during Rwanda’s two dry seasons: November – December to May, a season where we tend to have the discounted gorilla permits and then the June to October. The drier months make for a more pleasant (and less muddy) hike. Note that the gorilla tickets are scarce during the high season, and lodging is expensive, so secure your gorilla permit and where to stay well in advance to avoid rush-hour logistics.

The rainy months don’t have traffic, and visitors can take advantage of low-season pricing. And oh, temperate can be fickle regardless of when you go, so pack a jacket and rain poncho for those gloomy hours.

The day begins with an early start and a sense of anticipation as you head into the heart of the Virunga Mountains. Accompanied by skilled rangers and trackers, you will venture into the mist-covered forests, your senses attuned to the sounds and scents of the wilderness. As you hike, the vibrant greenery envelops you, and the anticipation of encountering gorillas heightens with every step.

The gorilla trek is an adventure as you navigate through varying terrains, with each twist and turn bringing you closer to the gorilla groups. Once you locate them, time seems to stand still. The moments spent observing these majestic creatures are unforgettable – their interactions, expressions, and sense of family resonate deeply. Your hour with them is a window into their world, a connection between species, a reminder of the delicate balance that defines life on Earth.

This briefing takes place at 7:00 am and is designed to share with you rules and requirements for gorilla trekking in Rwanda. You will be given an opportunity to hire a porter and choose a gorilla family among the 10 habituated gorilla groups in Rwanda.

Once that phase is done, you will begin tracking the gorilla group along with your porter and park guides. Depending on the location of your particular gorilla group the activity may take anywhere between 1 hour to 5 hours.

Once you sight the gorilla group, take as many photos as you can. Follow instructions from your guide and stay calm even when a gorilla family member comes close to you.

Once your one hour is done, you will head back to the starting point where you will find our guide waiting to take you back to the lodge for lunch and rest.

Go for the golden monkey trek, a full day engaging activity that starts as early as 7:30 am with a morning brief ahead of the experience and this is done at the Volcanoes National Park offices and you are told about what to expect from the trek and the expected code of conduct for the trek while in the forest.

Golden monkeys are listed as an endangered species by The International Union for Conservation of Nature and about 5000 individuals roam the planet. They are threatened by human encroachment on their land and the civil wars within certain parts of the Virunga region.

Golden Monkeys are persecuted by human communities because they sometimes venture out of parks to raid gardens. Because of their endangered status and uniqueness, golden monkey trekking has become very popular.

As more tourists visit them, the world gets to know about their plight and hence more resources are channeled towards protecting them.

Once the monkeys are located, trackers will often have to follow them around because they love jumping from tree to tree. Their long tails help them with balancing but may get stuck and cut off by the bamboo trees.

You can notice some members with short tails as testament to this. Habituated golden monkeys are not too shy around humans and may come close out of curiosity.

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