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Ten Question with Ivan from Brooklyn, USA

These questions are a platform for expression for all tourists who want to say anything about their visit to Rwanda.

Visit Rwanda : What pushed you to come to Rwanda amid all other countries ?

Ivan :I have to admit this country is unique at all angles, but I had always had the fear to come to this place because of its unspeakable and scary history. From the moment I had all evidence and certainty that there was peace harmony in the nation, I couldn’t wait to pack my bags ! You’ll never find any breathtaking landscape, gorillas, geysers, mountains, hot springs like those in Rwanda. Till now I think I still have a lot I haven’t finished yet except if I decided to come stay forever.

Visit Rwanda :
What excited you the most from all the natural beauty you came across in Rwanda ?

Ivan :Oh my God, I don’t know where to start but I still envy that hill in Akagera national park I stood at its peak and was able to collectively zoom the indescribable three lakes in the park, the tall necks of the giraffes and the eye striking white and black asymptotes on the zebras.

Visit Rwanda : What would you tell somebody that has not yet reached in Rwanda ?

Ivan : Bad for you ! Haha ! This is not my first time I’ve decided to explore the world, but trust me, this was a vacation I didn’t want to end. The good thing is that it’s not yet too late for anybody to visit because the place still has the most natural and unchanged beauty I’ve never seen anywhere else.

Visit Rwanda : What modifications would you suggest from anything you saw ?

Ivan : This is a hard question I have to admit ! I was overwhelmed by all the good things I encountered that I couldn’t get the guts to identify any flaw. The moment I stepped on the Rwandan soil, a team took charge of all the work I was supposed to do-the luggage, logistics, bureaucracy and all that kind of stuff, so my only work was to use my eyes and ears to listen and look.

Visit Rwanda : Is there anything you learnt from the Rwandan people ?

Ivan : When I saw their indistinguishable culture and customs- cow dances, nighttime stories, ceremonies, king’s palace and many others I can’t finish, I started to ask myself who I am and what my culture is back in Brooklyn, what my traditional dishes are, and funnily enough I couldn’t find the answers to all those questions. I learned to dig and know my roots which was inspired by the Rwandan people.

Visit Rwanda : How do you picture Rwanda in the future ?

Ivan : I picture Rwanda as being a home for countless species since it will be the preferred home for many. Its cleanliness, conservation and preservation of its nature are a sure way that they’ll last for long and free from extinction unlike other parts of the world.

Visit Rwanda : How did you perceive the service sector in Rwanda ?

Ivan : Well, I won’t deny that my visit was short and that it’s not easy to generalize every quality of the services I received and all those in the country, but the friendly and welcoming spirit of all the Rwandans I met surprised me exceedingly. I was appeased by their time they invested in describing, showing and portraying everything about their country and culture.

Visit Rwanda : Do you think your visit was worthy of your time and energy ?

Ivan :Tell me to invest all my time in this visit and you’ll find no uncertainty ! The only unfortunate thing is that I had little time to uncover all the gifts this country was presenting me with, which made me yearn for more time instead. But I hope I’ll come back more prepared and experienced to discover a lot I didn’t get time to notice

Visit Rwanda : Would you like coming back to Rwanda ?

Ivan : Is that a question or a confirmation ? Obviously yes. Even though I had stubbornly and abruptly visited Rwanda, I hadn’t planned to love it this much even though I inevitably had to go back home, but yes I’ll have to come back and satisfy all the hunger that was boosted and reduced at the same time by this visit in Rwanda and its people in general.

Visit Rwanda : If miraculously you were given a chance to take anything you liked back to your homeland, what would that be ? Under abnormal circumstances !

Ivan : I don’t trust my guts but to be honest, I would adopt a baby gorilla and take it back home in Brooklyn, exchange our seasons with theirs which are not as harsh as ours are, steal that Akagera National park and take all the people with me !

Rwandan tourists will be able to describe their experiences which will also be an assurance and an example to other tourists who would want to choose Rwanda as the destination of their travels.

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