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Rwanda Green Journeys in East Africa

These questions are a platform for expression for all tourists who want to say anything about their visit to Rwanda.

Visit Rwanda : What pushed you to come to Rwanda amid all other countries ?

Tourist : Rwanda is a beautiful country with countless attractive sceneries, people with a welcoming and caring nature but most importantly, a country with a lot of things to learn from.

Visit Rwanda : What excited you the most from all the natural beauty you came across in Rwanda ?
Tourist : The friends I got acquainted with from the place-both the people and the gorillas have made my stay so great like I’ve always imagined in my ideal world.

Visit Rwanda : What would you tell somebody that has not yet reached in Rwanda ?

Tourist : The sky is not yet habitable ! Better come before congestion and traffic jam in the skies becomes inevitable as people swarm the place with. Anyways, visiting Rwanda will never feel like any other place you’ve visited for its relief, gorillas, lakes and culture are unique in their own ways. I’ve never been to a country like this before. Even after the first visit, I couldn’t settle before coming back.

Visit Rwanda : What modifications would you suggest from anything you saw ?

Tourist : Like I said before, this is my second time I’ve visited Rwanda, but I have always been checking out the pace of the development of the country. When I compare the speed and quality of accessibility of services back then to that of now, it has unbelievably improved. It is of no doubt that I lastly say that the tourism sector in Rwanda is outstanding compared to many other parts of the world I have ever visited.

Visit Rwanda : Is there anything you learnt from the Rwandan people ?

Tourist : I’ve never seen people so patriotic like the Rwandans are. You should see the smiles and pride in their faces as they show you the beauty of their country and when they demonstrate and teach that beautiful dance they perform with their hands up in the air.

Visit Rwanda : How do you picture Rwanda in the future ?

Tourist : When I look at the pace of its development, I have hoped that this country will develop until the skies become short for its skyscrapers, when its people will no longer be affected by the effects the past had laid in their development trajectory.

Visit Rwanda : How did you perceive the service sector in Rwanda ?

Tourist : Visiting Rwanda in 2004 ; a period when it was still rebuilding and mending the fresh wounds from its past had been an experience I had never seen anywhere else. It would be a very complicated task to compare the level of development and specifically the service sector of 2014 to that of 2004. A comparison can only be rewarding if you connected the dots as quick as the pace of economic growth of Rwanda has been in the last ten years I had been here. When you see the coordination, confidence, vigor and customer care these people work with, you’ll believe me.

Visit Rwanda : Do you think your visit was worthy of your time and energy ?

Tourist : Always ! There is nothing as satisfying as watching a beautiful flower grow at a distance ! That is the same feeling I have looking at Rwanda and its people become better and better each day in development.

Visit Rwanda : Would you like coming back to Rwanda ?

Tourist : I can’t even waste my time thinking about that anymore because it is something I have planned in a very long time. It is always in my plans to visit Rwanda whenever possible as time allows, but you never know when my stay becomes too long like I want to stay !!!

Visit Rwanda : If miraculously you were given a chance to take anything you liked back to your homeland, what would that be ? Under abnormal circumstances !
Tourist : My wish would be to carry all the constituents of this lovely country in my backpack back home and a gorilla in my hands, but let me stop wishing for the impossible after all we are in the real world.
Rwandan tourists will be able to describe their experiences which will also be an assurance and an example to other tourists who would want to choose Rwanda as the destination of their travels.

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