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Explore Tourist Places in Kibuye City, Rwanda

Lake Kivu is the largest lake in Rwanda and the 6th largest in Africa. This stunning lake sits between two counties – Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. It features among African Great Lakes – a group of lakes located east of Africa’s Rift Valley.

Lake Kivu’s colour closely resembles the blue sky such that it’s almost impossible to make out a horizon. Embarking on a combination of these adventures such as kayaking together with the Congo-Nile trail will make your Rwanda tours adventure memorable.

Museum of the Environment

This smart museum on Kibuye’s lake shore has educational displays about energy sources and the environmental impact of different types of fuel sources. It won’t appeal to anyone who knows anything about sustainability, but there is an excellent rooftop garden with a collection of native plants, each with explanations of their use in traditional medicine.

Bisesero Genocide memorial site is known so much by Rwandans for its resistance during the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi. Between the month of May and June 1994 is when the interahamwe came to carry out the massacres that sent over 40,000 Tutsi dead. It has three buildings full of human bones and currently an ongoing construction of a grave yard where the 50,000-60,000 bodies will be buried.

Les Chutes de Ndaba

About 25km from Kibuye along the road to Kigali, keep an eye out for this 100m-high waterfall. Buses usually slow down and helpful locals are quick to point it out.