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Although Rwanda is a small country in East Africa and famously known as the thousand of hills, it has got some of the interesting water bodies which are always visited by tourists in Rwanda.

Lake Kivu, between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo to the west, is by far the largest
Lake Muhazi, about twenty kilometres east of Kigali: a long, narrow lake running roughly east–west and extending north and south into a number of tributary valleys
Lake Ihema, in the Akagera National Park in the far east of the country, by the border with Tanzania
Lake Rweru in the south-east, which is shared with Burundi
Lake Burera, a mountain lake in the north (1862 metres above sea level)
Lake Ruhondo, just to the south of Lake Burera, separated from it by a spine of hills
Lake Mugesera, about 30 km south-east of Kigali, is a narrow lake consisting of five east–west bays joined at the western side.
Lake Cyohoha South, south of Kigali on the border with Burundi

There are a number of smaller, shallow Lakes in the flat, swampy region between Lake Mugesera and Lake Rweru.

Some of the Lakes offers cool environment for tourists to relax after their adventurous holidays. A case in point is the Lake Kivu that is shared between Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo in Gisenyi – Goma and this has got a list of Luxury, Mid-range and budget lodges offering ample stay to travelers after their gorilla tours or Nyiragongo trek in Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo.

Also, along Lake Kivu you can experience boat rides, Kayaking and you can too do the swimming and visit to the hot springs where local message is offered by the local communities.

Some of the hotels and lodges set at Lake Kivu include the Lake Kivu Serena Hotel, Paradise Malahinde Guest House and Retreat, Gorilla Hotels, Gisenyi, Discover Guest House, Stepp Hotel, Inzu Lodge among others and on your visit to Gisenyi you can not fail to find accommodation. Then from the Democratic Republic of Congo the Lake Kivu is much experienced while staying at Lac Vic Hotel in Goma and Tchegera Tented Camp that is slightly set at the shores of the Lake.

Then the Lake Burera and Ruhondo are just at the foot slopes of the Volcanoes National Park and they offer unforgettable view to tourists staying at Virunga Lodge nearing the Lakes. Also, these Lakes are explored in the evening by tourists after their gorilla trekking experience.

Lake Ihema, in the Akagera National Park in the far east of the country, by the border with Tanzania. Therefore, for tourists visiting the Akagera National Park can enjoy the sunset and morning boat cruises along this Lake. Also the fishing experience is offered from this Lake and therefore while on your wildlife safari in Rwanda you will have the above experiences along the Lake Ihema.