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Best Car Rental Company in Uganda & Rwanda

Best Car Rental Company in Uganda & Rwanda

Having traveled using the cars for Car Rental Uganda I will never use any other company other than this. I remember the day I planned to travel to Africa with my other four colleagues, we tried to search for a trustable and an affordable car rental company in Uganda but we failed due to their expensive menu and non customer care mind not until we contacted nature adventure. The first impression we got was their positive and quick response customer care core value. We used two means of communication that is, what’s App and via the e-mails.

This was so nice since we had nice discussions from which we were advised on the different cars that the company can offer and their related prices that we considered as being cheap as compared to their rivals. We were taken through all the details of driving while in Uganda and what we had to come with for a safety travel and without interruptions from the traffic officers who are widely spread on the different roads in Uganda. I left the choice to my wife of choosing the best car she wanted us to use while in our holiday and she chose a Land Cruiser TZ at $70 per day, this was too cheap on our side.

What I liked from this company was, before they handover to the client a vehicle, they first inspect it and this guaranteed us a safe journey and another advantage of working with this company is that all their vehicles are comprehensively insured but on a note, all travelers are expected to apply for their life assurance from their home countries before coming to Uganda since the comprehensive insurance of these cars don’t apply to visitors but only cover the car.

This made our safaris a memorable one since we were able to travel without faults, this was a petrol vehicle but on request they have other vehicles that consume diesel such as coasters, super customs and the Safari cruisers among the rest, but on advise diesel is cheap in Uganda compared to petrol but fortunately these cars have a low fuel consumption level compared to those of other tour companies. One may wonder about where I was going in Uganda that inspired me to rent a car in Uganda. My wife and other colleagues had got an interest in visiting Rwenzori Mountain National park.

But fortunately the car we had rent was powerful and it could, she had told me earlier that she wanted to see a glacial mountain and therefore Uganda had it better but all this was done in consultation from Moses, he did both lodge and permit reservations after sending him money. Few of the tour companies do this for their clients; we paid a park entry fee of $50 USD and the guide was given to us. We visited the beautiful lakes within the park which ranges to over 20. Deep is the Nyamwamba valley with its lakes that were formed as glacial moraines.

Surprisingly she wanted even to do mountaineering but she is too old to climb a seven day trail to the peak, good enough we were able to see the peak up with its flowing rivers down the mountain forming gorges and escarpments on the basement of the mountain. We slept at Ruboni Community camp and the next day after Rwenzori, we embarked into our Land cruiser TX and we cruised back to Kampala and this time we used Hoima road since we wanted to also visit Hoima town. This took us almost a full day but we never cared since our trip back home was for the following day.

We went to Entebbe that evening at Pretoria Hotel for an overnight and the next day before our flight, the car owners were around to get their vehicle at the airport. The patience this company had and all the services they rendered to us though we were on a self drive made our journey a success and my wife was too happy and she promised to use again 4×4 Car Hire Uganda whenever we plan to go to Uganda for another holiday.

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