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Eco Tours in Kenya Rwanda Safari

Kenya and Rwanda are both East African countries and a traveler can have eco tours in both countries on one package where he or she can either start with having the tours in Kenya or Rwanda. If you start from Kenya, you can then access Rwanda by either using air flights such as Kenya Air Flight or you can access it on road where you will drive from Nairobi (Kenya’s capital city) to Nakuru to Kisumu and then enter Uganda through Jinja then drive to Kampala (Uganda’s capital city) where you will go on driving to Mbarara and then enter Rwanda through Ruhengeri and then to Kigali which is Rwanda’s capital city.

In Kenya you should not miss a visit to MAASAI MARA NATIONAL PARK, AMBOSELI NATIONAL PARK, TSAVO NATIONAL PARK and SAMBURU NATIONAL RESERVE plus in LAKE NAKURU NATIONAL PARK which is worldly known for inhabiting the largest number of Flamingos at the shores of Lake Nakuru. However, for the wildlife lovers you should opt for MAASAI MARA because animals in this Park are viewed in high quantities and the Park is well known for the annual migration of Wildebeests and Zebras plus many other animals which are also viewed in high numbers. The balloon safaris are also available in the Park and the Park also resides all Africa’s big five which include; African elephants, Cape buffaloes, African Lions, Leopards and Rhinos. Other animals in the Park include; Impalas, Jackals, Cheetahs, Hyenas, Coke’s hartebeests, Grant’s gazelles, Bat-eared foxes, Roan antelopes, Hippos, Crocodiles and over 500 bird species. In AMBOSELI, the Park protects the largest number of free-ranging elephants in Africa and from there you will also view all Africa’s big five plus a sight to Africa’s highest free-standing Mountain (Mountain Kilimanjaro) which is found in Tanzania and can clearly be viewed when you are in the Park plus a view to over 400 bird species. In both Parks you will also interact with the Masai people who consist of one of the most amazing cultures in Africa.

After your Kenya eco tour in either of the above Parks, you can then go for Rwanda where you can easily access it when you pass via Uganda on road or via the Kenya Air Flight which will fly you direct to Kigali international airport. You are advised to book earlier with the Eco Tours Rwanda such that it reserves your Rwanda gorilla permit since the country is one of the only three countries in the world which keep the rare endangered Mountain gorillas. A traveler who will visit Rwanda will therefore have high chances to spot these world’s rare endangered Mountain gorillas and the permit will be booked for you by your tour agency of which Rwanda gorilla permit costs US$ 1500 though if you are to visit more than one national park in Rwanda, then your gorilla permit will be reduced from US$ 1500 to US$ 1050 meaning you will be given a discount of US$ 450. Other Parks in Rwanda are AKAGERA NATIONAL PARK and NYUNGWE FOREST NATIONAL PARK where you will spot the chimpanzees and other primates such as Vervet monkeys, L’Hoest’s Monkeys and many others. NYUNGWE is home to over 13 primates which is 25% of the total number of primates in Africa and the chimpanzee permit in Rwanda costs US$ 90.

Therefore if you are to get a Rwanda discounted gorilla permit, you will then need to visit another Park in the country. Mountain gorillas in Rwanda are found in VOLCANOES NATIONAL PARK which is situated close to Rwanda’s capital (Kigali) and it is just a two hours and thirty minutes drive from Kigali on the good tarmac roads. In the Park there are a number of accommodations where its visitors will stay in and some of these accommodations include; Bisate lodge, Mountain gorilla view lodge, Bishops house, Jack Hanna’s guesthouse, Sabyinyo silverback lodge, Virunga lodge, Mountain gorillas nest, Five Volcanoes lodge and many others.

Gorilla tracking in the Park is done in groups of 8 individuals and the tracking begins at 08:30 where a trekker will be able to view 11 habituated gorilla families such as; Sabyinyo, Karisimbi, Titus, Susa 1, Agashya, Hirwa, Kwitonda, Amahoro, Ugenda, Umubano and Bwenge. During the tracking in the Park, trekkers are advised to stay calm and maintain maximum silence while tracking and when the primates are searched and found, trekkers are then advised to keep a distance of at least 7 meters away from the gorillas, do not use flashlight cameras while taking photos and only one hour is recommended for the trekkers to stay with the gorillas.

After the tracking of gorillas, still in the Park there are five Volcanoes including; Gahinga, Sabyinyo, Karisimbi, Muhabura and Bisoke of which a trekker should opt for and hike it. Karisimbi seems to be the best option and many hikers prefer this Volcano to others in the Park. Karisimbi is a two days hike and at the summit of the Volcano you will enjoy the white snow-capped summits of it plus many other amazing things from there. Thus consult the ECO TOURS KENYA to organize for your Kenya-Rwanda safari where you will have a chance to spot many elephants and a very large number of wildlife especially during its annual migration plus a large number of Flamingos of which the country resides the most number of Flamingos in the World and in Rwanda you will then enjoy the rare Mountain gorillas.


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