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Rwanda Kenya Tours – 10 Day Flying Tours East Africa

Rwanda Kenya Tours – 10 Day Flying Tours East Africa

Meet Rwanda’s mountain gorillas & spot Kenya’s Big Five. Begin your journey by boarding your international outbound flight to Kigali. On arrival in Kigali, you will be met by your guide who will assist you with your bags and drive you through the countryside to Ruhengeri.

Rwanda is a home of the mighty great mountain gorillas, and Rwanda tours offers a unique opportunity to track these rare creatures in the lush bamboo forests in which they live. This highly rewarding experience is just one of many things to do in this small but fascinating country and wildlife lovers will also enjoy chimpanzee trekking in Nyungwe Forest and golden monkey tracking in Volcanoes National Park.

A guide will take you to the entrance to the Volcanoes National Park where you prepare to set off on the hike. The hike can take anything from 20 minutes to four hours (depending on which group you are tracking).

Mountain gorilla tracking is one of Africa’s most superb wildlife experiences. It is difficult to describe the exhilaration attached to first setting eyes on a wild mountain gorilla. That said, it is not something to be undertaken lightly. The hike up to the gorillas’ preferred habitat of bamboo forest involves a combination of steep muddy slopes, dense vegetation, slippery underfoot conditions after rain and high altitude.

You are permitted to spend one hour with the gorillas and it is forbidden to eat or smoke in their presence. It is also forbidden to approach within five meters of the gorillas. Gorillas are susceptible to human diseases and if one ill tourist infects a gorilla, they will have no resistance and this could cause the death of the whole group.

After all the activity you could unwind at tranquil Lake Kivu, where the sandy shores and calm waters provide a beautiful backdrop for lazy afternoons in the sun or boat rides to admire the views of the steep surrounding hills.

After being filled with the unique safaris in Rwanda. Board the flight and you will land in Nairobi at Jomo Kenyatta international airport and our representative will pick you up from the airport and transfer to your hotel for relaxation as you prepare for a once in a lifetime adventure throughout east Africa.

In Kenya, almost anything is possible. Spending the morning watching wildebeest running a reptilian gauntlet and an evening stroll through the surf in the shadow of a colonial fort in the same day? Kenya can do that, and so much more besides.

It’s impossible to describe Kenya safaris without referencing the Great Wildebeest Migration, but even the Masai Mara’s seismic relocation faces competition from other iconic destinations, including Amboseli, Tsavo and the irresistibly named Hell’s Gate.

Kenya is a country where old and new rub shoulders with relative ease: traditionally dressed Maasai and Samburu tribesmen navigate city streets and tree-studded Savannah with equal aplomb.

The Masai Mara is archetypal safari country, and will be instantly recognizable to anyone who has ever watched a wildlife documentary. The rolling plains, with their isolated, flat-topped acacia trees, are the stuff of safari dreams. They support unusually high densities of resident wildlife, including black rhino and all the major predators.

Add to this the annual arrival of the serried herds of wildebeest, and the Mara is without rival. Mara River crossings provide moments of adrenaline and pathos, while the rhythm of the seasons and of the wildlife adds a steady drumbeat beneath the surface.

The Mara has long inspired photographers and wildlife filmmakers, but has been reluctant to give up all its secrets. Much remains to be discovered on Masai Mara safaris, whether among the resident animals, or in the ceaseless roaming patterns of the wildebeest. The Mara may seem timeless, but there’s no time to lose.

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