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Gorilla Safaris & Chimpanzee Tours Rwanda

Rwanda is one of the countries found in the Eastern parts of Africa (East Africa). Rwanda is one of the countries which also rely on the tourism sector and Rwanda inhabits some of the biggest apes in the whole world such as Chimpanzees which are found in Nyungwe Forests National Park and Gorillas also found in Volcanoes National Park. Therefore, for a need of a gorilla safari and chimpanzee tours in Rwanda, you have to visit Volcanoes National Park and Nyungwe Forests National Park respectively.

Gorilla safari in Rwanda

As stated above, gorillas in Rwanda are found in Volcanoes National Park whereby the park’s headquarters are found at Kinigi. The park can be accessed through Ruhengeri town using the public transport from Kigali and Gisenyi to Ruhengeri from where the recently surfaced road to Kinigi is signposted to the left of the main Cyanika road.

For you to organize a gorilla safari in Rwanda, you will need to be accompanied by the best tourism companies such as Nature Adventure Africa Safaris that will help you in providing all what you need for your tour. The company will offer vehicle rentals if you need it in your tour plus the camping materials.

You will need to pay at least 30% of the fee you have to pay while you are still in your home country in order to secure your tour and you will pay all the balances on your arrival. The tour consultant will accompany you to your lodge being booked for you in order for you to spend your night for the gorilla trekking activity the next day and one of the best lodges in Volcanoes national park include Sabyinyo silver back with 8 rooms, Mountain gorillas nests with 40 rooms and Kinigi guest house with 11 rooms plus many other lodges.

While in the park, a group of at most 8 people is allowed per day and this reduces on the spread of diseases from humans to gorillas. It advisable not to stay with gorillas for a long time and the maximum period for you to be with gorillas is 1 hour and this activity is for individuals from 15 years and above. The gorilla trekking activity starts at 08:30am, so you have to arrive in the park before that time for the morning shift.

And while performing the gorilla trekking activity, it is recommended that you should be clean and calm and flash light cameras are not allowed, you have to be at least 5 to 7 meters away from the gorillas, and for the toilet services you will dig a hole in the forest for proper disposal and you will bury the hole thoroughly well.

A permit for gorilla trekking costs US$ 1500 and discounted permit of $ 1050 low season (November to May) and visiting 2 0r 3 Rwanda parks and then $ 1275 for those in Rwanda on conference and seminar and for more information about the gorilla trekking safari in Rwanda will be told to you by the tour company you will use.

Chimpanzee tours in Rwanda

Chimpanzee tours in Rwanda are done in Nyungwe Forest National Park and you can prolong your tour to Nyungwe Forests National Park after the gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park or even you can choose to strictly visit Nyungwe Forest National Park for the chimpanzee tours.

Nyungwe Forest National Park is located in Butare and Cyangugu. Chimpanzee tracking takes place in Banda and Uwinka.

The activity of chimpanzee tracking is somehow related to that of gorilla tracking in that also this activity is also done in the morning at 07:00am. A group of 8 individuals is allowed per day and chimpanzees are also viewed a distance of 1km away from where they are. Flash light cameras are not recommended during the activity and the though chimpanzees are too friendly to humans, but it is not recommended for you to be so close to them because of disease spread and of course the fact that they are wild animals. It is also advisable for you to be calm while practicing the activity.

The chimpanzee tracking activity is more efficient in April and September. Since chimpanzee tracking starts very early in the morning, there are nearby lodges situated around the park where you can stay and easily access the park within a short time and these include Gisakuru Guest House which consists of 6 rooms and Nyungwe Forest Lodge consisting of 24 rooms and the Nyungwe Hill Top Hotel.

Therefore, come to Rwanda for both gorilla and chimpanzee trekking being offered by one of the best companies in Africa for the best services. The company provides hospitality and transportation services riding in spacious vehicles like Land Prado, Super Customs and other Safari Vans.

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