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Remarkable Places to Visit on Safari in Rwanda

Remarkable Places to Visit on Safari in Rwanda

Rwanda’s caves dating back 65 million years lie within the volcanic region where lava flow layers long ago created the Albertine Rift Valley. The caves offer easy hiking of up 2 km and showcase stunning rock formations and many entrances with most being roof collapses. There is nothing more magical than the dense dark silence broken only by the drops of water that hit the rock floor below, and the sounds of the hundreds of bat wings rebounding through the caves.

Buhanga Eco- Park

Another hidden gem near Volcanoes National Park, to visit after gorilla tours is the Buhanga sacred forest is a site of tremendous ecological importance, astonishing beauty and cultural significance where Rwandan Kings of the past had their initiation ceremonies. Full of myth and legend where you will experience majestic dragon trees and sightings of many different birds and colourful butterflies, the forest the forest encompasses a network of trails made entirely from cut lava stones.

 From Crop to Cup

Some of the world’s tea and coffee is grown in Rwanda the breath-taking high mountain verdant landscapes, cool climate and rich volcanic soil result in our award-winning quality tea and coffee products. Explore growing and production processes from the nursery to plantations, pruning, picking, washing, dying and the many steps in between to finally in the case of coffee roasting or coffee cupping experience.

Bird Watchers’ Paradise

Rwanda’s location in the Albertine Rift and its dense forest and mountain create a unique and remarkable environment for the eco – tourist and birding enthusiast to enjoy. Though small 26,338m Rwanda boasts the highest concentration of birds per square kilometres in Africa, with a bird list over 700 species and the second highest number of Albertine Rift endemics than any other country. There are several Important Birding Areas (IBA), including the three National Parks, Rwanda’s wetlands and marshes cover 10% of the country of which the main protected areas include Rugezi Akanyaru and Nyabarongo Wetlands. Birding in Rwanda will reward you with many rare bird species easily accessed across remark diverse habitats.


Located in the western part of the country about 100km south of Rubavu, Karongi (Kibuye) is one of the pretties, most relaxing and romantic of Lake Kivu’s towns. It is an ideal place to enjoy lakeside recreation with pristine beaches and crystal clear waters where along with water spot activities, authentic experiences of daily Rwandan life can be enjoyed. Visiting Napoleon’s island home to colony of thousands of fruit bats, night fishing with locals in traditional boats, and Amahoro Island aptly known as one bar island because all it has on it is one bar.

For the adventurous hiking, mountain biking and kayaking tours along the Congo Nile Trail, visiting the moving Bisesero Genocide Memorial with breath-taking views on the lake are just some of the experiences that can be found in the area. If you are visiting in August, you may catch thousands of yellow-billed kites here flying over Lake Kivu on their annual migration. Most of Karongi’s hotels are in beautiful locations overlooking the lake and facing the sunset.

Lake Kivu and the Congo Nile Trail Rwanda

Part of Africa’s Great Rift Valley, Lake Kivu in the west of Rwanda is surrounded by magnificent mountains and has deep emerald green waters covering a surface area of 2,700km. It is Rwanda’s largest lake and the sixth largest in Africa.

Rubavu / Gisenyi is a large town on the northern edge of Lake Kivu, an hour’s drive from Volcanoes National Park and the perfect place to relax after gorilla trekking or golden monkey tracking. Once a colonial beach resort of note, Rubavu’s waterfront is lined with fading old mansions, hotels and trendy bars on the Lake shore, ideal for sun downer cocktails

From Rubavu in the north, the Congo Nile Trail extends 227 kilometres of breath-taking landscapes all the way to Ruzizi in the south of Lake Kivu. The trail gently curves back and forth as it weaves through hills and mountains beside the lake with eucalyptus trees lining the road and every inch of the hills seemingly terraced with bananas. For adventurous travelers an exciting way to explore Rwanda is a kayaking tour on Lake Kivu, or mountain biking/hiking one of the 6 off the beaten path stages of the spectacular Congo Nile Trail.

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