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Kigali is the Best City in Africa

Kigali is the Best City in Africa

United Nations has declared Kigali, the capital City of Rwanda. Kigali is the best in the whole of Africa which definitely shows Africa’s dreams.

During the selection of Rwanda’s capital city Kigali as the best in Africa, the United Nation has based on this city’s general development, its tarmac roads and most of its places which look so pretty. They go on asserting that this is because of the Rwandan’s steadfastness in work as well as their patriotism.

For instance, communal work is performed every last Saturday of each month by every citizen who is above 16 years of age. It starts at 8 am up to midday. Any absenteeism without a good reason is charged a 5000 Rfw.

Media Terre, a newspaper that writes news pertaining to sustainable development says that communal work is the reason to why many urban and rural areas of Rwanda are clean. Even the distinguished leaders of the country do the communal work too.

According to some people that have managed to visit Rwanda, all of them affirm that Rwanda is a place you can’t find any Nyakatsi (huts made out of grass and mud) wherever, be it a rural or urban place. They go on asserting that they’ve never been to a place as secured and peaceful as Rwanda is.

Regarding the communal work in the country, the newspaper continues to look at some of the works performed such as cutting bushes, maintaining good nature of media of water sources, digging wells to sustain rain water and planting trees.

After finishing the work of the day, people from the same community gather up to discuss their problems and therefore come up with possible solutions. After all these extraordinary activities, Rwanda is regarded as the country that should be a role model to all other African countries.

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