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Eco Tours in Congo to Promote Nyiragongo Volcano Trek

Eco Tours in Congo to Promote Nyiragongo Volcano Trek

Nyiragongo Volcano hiking tours in Democratic Republic of Congo takes you to Virunga National Park the oldest National Park in Africa and you will experience the Nyiragongo hiking up to the Nyiragongo shelters at the top of the Nyiragongo volcano and thereafter do gorilla trek in the mist. On this 7 Day Uganda Congo Trek Safari starts in Entebbe, Uganda and ends in Kigali, Rwanda.

Upon arrival meet the company driver – guide and after embark the safari jeep and take the Kigali city tour visiting the genocide memorials and after have en-route lunch transfer to transfer to Gisenyi and relax at Discover Guest House, Gisenyi as you wait for overnight stay. Meal plan: H/B – lunch

On day two, Early breakfast and after with our packed bags ready for the hike to the summit of Nyiragongo, the drive will take you to Kibati, which is the starting point for our hike that 6 – 7 hours to the top depending on the hiking speed of the members in the group, dinner and overnight stay on top in the mountain shelter Wooden Cabins. Meal plan: F/B.

Be prepared with this; Dress codes are informal. Daytime temperatures are generally warm, so bring lots of light clothing, supplemented by light sweaters for the cool evenings and heavier clothing for the higher altitudes especially Virunga and Nyiragongo. The feeling of standing on the edge of a gigantic volcanic crater and staring at the red-hot bubbling lava lake cannot be captured with a camera. “Unreal”, “stunning, amazing, humbling”, everything else on this listicle is of secondary importance.

If you can do it, definitely do it. It is likely to be among the highlights of your life. The two days of Nyiragongo hiking are demanding. The most tiresome element is volcanic rocks that wobble under your feet but there is also the sheer distance and altitude factor. The good news is that you will not be in hurry. The trek is timed in a way that allows even a slow person to make it. You might take 7 hours instead of 4 but you will reach the crater and then have a night of rest before the descent. Your legs may hurt for some days afterwards but you will be fine.

The hike starts in hot forest and ends at the desolate volcanic rocky cone, where it’s also really freakin’ cold (maybe 5 degrees C). We got up to the top in the afternoon and spent the night up at the edge of the cone, which is stunning to check out the bubbling lava at night. There are a few new wooden shelters with two mattresses each. If you don’t have a spot arranged, you need to bring a tent. Either way, make sure to bring warm clothes and a warm sleeping bag.

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